Join LJRS as we celebrate Spring with “The Nature of Love”

ROUND7“Love is a many-splendored thing.”

Love is a very complex emotion. There is the infatuation of new love, love at first sight, the cruelty of unrequited love, love that grows over time, love that is in the eye of the beholder, the excitement of lustful love, and enduring beauty of love which stands the test of time. These, and many other types of love, are described in our upcoming Spring program.

Saturday, May 16
7:30 PM
St. Andrew’s by-the-Sea
1050 Thomas Street
San Diego, CA 92109

Sunday, May 17
7:00 PM
University City United Church
2877 Governor Drive
San Diego, CA 92122

Wednesday, May 27
7:00 PM
Auditorium of TSRI
The Scripps Research Institute
10640 John Hopkins Drive
San Diego, CA 92121


Save the Date for Our Upcoming Concerts!

Enchanting music surrounds us at all times of day, whether it is the music with which we wake up, music we listen to throughout our day, or the sweet music that lulls us to sleep. From Renaissance madrigals to modern composers incorporating medieval chants, our concert program reflects the beauty of morning, noon and night, as well as our traditional carols for the season.

Friday, Dec. 5 at 5 pm
December Nights Festival
San Diego Art Museum
Balboa Park

Sunday, Dec. 14 at 2:30 pm
Scripps Ranch Library
10301 Scripps Lake Dr.
San Diego, CA 92131

Sunday, Jan. 4 at 3 pm
St. Mary Magdalene Church
1945 Illion Street
San Diego, CA 92110